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Mental health, shower thoughts, embarrassing stories, and more.

Hi, I'm Becca. Just ordinary Becca. I don't know about you, but I just need someone to talk to.

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Depersonalisation & Derealisation

I'm not going to talk about dissociative disorders in general, only how my own applies to me and my understanding of it from what I've...

Grounding - Dissociative thoughts

*Potential trigger warning for people with dissociative disorders* Grounding techniques are one of the biggest tools taught to people...


I’m still dreaming. I must be. I watch myself as I step out of the bed and towards the bathroom, floating along behind the ‘dream me’ as...

Somebody to talk to

Hi. I find myself sitting alone on a Thursday evening after work needing to talk to someone, but without anybody to reach out to. I have...

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